How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue in 2021

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Everyone loves a great wedding! Planning the wedding can be just as fun as the actual event, but also just as stressful. A lot goes into choosing everything from the dress to the flowers to the venue. It’s best to plan and get help so everything can run smoothly. Here are some tips for picking a wedding venue in 2021.

Before Choosing a Wedding Venue: Basic Questions for You and Your Partner

Before you even go and look at a venue, there are some things to consider about the event itself. Choosing between wedding venues depends a lot on these questions:

  • Will your wedding be big or small?
  • How many guests are invited?
  • What’s your budget for the wedding venue?
  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • Where do you want your wedding: close or destination? 
  • Will your reception and ceremony be held at the same place?

Once you have an answer to these questions, the search for wedding venues is much easier.  Here are some more things to consider as you decide on a wedding venue. 

Choosing A Weeding Venue With a General Location

From a boat to a church to a barn, weddings can be held almost anywhere. Whether it is in your hometown, your spouse’s hometown, or somewhere in between, knowing the perfect location is necessary to start your wedding venue search. Having a smaller radius to investigate will also make it less overwhelming.  Don’t just start looking at wedding venues all over without considering the location. 

Considering Your Budget for the Wedding Venue

With wedding prices ranging anywhere from a hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, knowing how much you can spend is crucial. Plan on spending about half of the total budget on catering and the venue. Knowing if your ceremony and reception should be marked down as one large chunk of the budget or two smaller ones is also important. 

Where the wedding is held will impact the budget a lot. In general, weddings in bigger cities cost more than those in less developed or rural areas.

Guest Count

Once you have a budget nailed down, you can hone in your search by figuring out approximately how many people will be attending your wedding. Although you can never truly know how many will attend until the day of, it is better to be ready for more than less. Have space to fit all of your guests when looking at wedding venues, even if you don’t end up using it all.


When beginning to look online for options, searching for all the elements above eliminates the chance of you falling in love with something that is not within your range. Once you have chosen a few places to see, do not be afraid to ask all the questions you can think of. These should include:

  • What is included in a package?
  • Are you available for our date?
  • How many can fit in the space?
  • Are there heaters or air conditioning?

Once you find the place of your dreams, you are ready to sign the contract. Make sure you read it over and understand everything. It should include how many days you have to decorate, what needs to be cleaned afterward, and more. Understanding your contract completely can save you from being charged later for things you didn’t even know about.

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