Popular 2020 Wedding Trends

by | Weddings

2020 has truly been a year unlike any other.  Although many weddings were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic, there were still many marriages celebrated throughout the year.  There were even some wedding trends that started being repeated as the months went on.  Here are some of the most popular 2020 wedding trends.

Small and Location Weddings

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the country, many people had a downsized version of their wedding ceremony and reception.  Even before the virus hit, smaller guest lists were part of weddings trends 2020.  Many couples are choosing to scale back, having a fun event with their closest friends and family that everyone can enjoy together.  This has also meant atypical venues.  With fewer guests becoming the norm, 2020 wedding trends have allowed ceremonies to take place in locations that were previously unheard of, including treehouses, summer camps, breweries, greenhouses, and even zoos, aquariums, and planetariums.

Outdoor Ceremonies and Receptions

This is another of the 2020 wedding trends that is part necessity, part popularity.  Outdoor venues are becoming more trendy for both the ceremony and the reception.  This has led to wedding décor to be more natural and include elements like wood and glass.

Environmentally-conscious Décor

Many people are concerned about the environment in 2020, and wedding trends reflect it.  Environmentalism also fits in with the outdoorsy themes of many weddings.  Having green decorations can mean anything from using picked wildflowers instead of cut ones to getting food from a locally-sourced caterer.  Some couples have taken these 2020 wedding trends and chosen to make their big day socially conscious as well.  Bridal parties have carried puppies instead of flowers in order to encourage guests to adopt, and some couples ask for donations to a charity instead of gifts.


If there was just one word to describe wedding trends 2020, it would be color.  Bright, bold colors have become the norm for weddings this year.  Instead of choosing a few pastels like in years past, people have chosen as many as four or five saturated colors for their wedding palette.  Neutral is out and bold is in when it comes to colors for 2020 wedding trends.

Breaking Tradition

Many wedding trends this year focus on breaking tradition in one way or another.  Gender-neutral wedding parties are growing in popularity, with brides and grooms choosing their closest friends of any gender to stand beside them on the big day.  

When it comes to 2020 wedding trends, brides are also breaking with tradition concerning dresses.  More and more brides are choosing wedding dresses that are colored, patterned, or aren’t long dresses at all.  Pantsuits, jumpers, and skirts have all become more trendy. 

Another part of these nontraditional wedding trends 2020 is the activities that happen at the wedding.  It is not just a ceremony, dinner, and dancing anymore.  Weddings are including everything from games to performers to caricature artists.  Couples no longer just want to have a wedding; they want to experience an event alongside their close friends and family.

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