5 Must-Try Wedding Trends for 2021

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2020 made the world of 2021 a different place to live in, and when planning a wedding during unprecedented times, sometimes you need unprecedented ideas. Between technology and tents, getting married is becoming new and fresh without breaking the bank. Read below to learn more about the top five wedding trends of 2021.

Technology Guest List/ Microweddings

When planning a wedding, the guest list is the number one make-or-break decision for most couples. Do we want a big wedding? Small wedding? But with restrictions on how many people can be in one space right now, technology is making it easier to keep everyone on the list. With live streaming, zoom calls, and social media lives, many couples are finding it easier to not have to choose ten people from a 150-person list.

Using technology for most of the guests to watch the wedding has caused a major rise in microweddings. This is a wedding that has fewer than 50 guests, which is better for social distancing and the safety of the other guests.

Weekday Weddings

Although Saturday and Sunday weddings are still the most popular, weekday weddings are coming up as one of the most popular wedding ideas of 2021. Most venues and other rented properties are cheaper on the weekdays. In turn, many couples are saving thousands by picking a Monday through Friday wedding day. This can also be the best way to guarantee your dream venue for less than a couple being married in the same spot on a Saturday.

Not Just A Normal DJ Anymore

One of the major choices that an engaged couple must decide on is live entertainment versus a DJ. But now more and more couples are choosing to go with neither! Stand-up comics, magicians, and even sports mascots are making appearances to keep the guests entertained. Although music is still a major factor, the main entertainment may just be your favorite comedian. Some couples are also focusing on more experiences than entertainment. Some include sketch artists, petting zoos, and fire performers.

Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

One of the major complaints that brides have is that most of the photos that they pay a lot of money for have a problem: phones. Many family members want that golden aisle photo, but when the couple is paying for high-end photos, it can be a major turn-off. Therefore, many brides are asking for an “unplugged ceremony.” This is just as it sounds, no photos or phones out during the ceremony. The reception is a free game, though!

Outdoor Weddings Featuring Tents

When it comes to social distancing and keeping the health of all guests in mind, many couples are choosing to have an outdoor wedding. The wedding decoration ideas that go along with this trend include the use of tents, vines, and fairy lights. By turning the average backyard or field into a fairy garden, couples are leaning more into nature and fresh air than ever before. Tents and simple lighting can be a great way for ambiance to be created without a lot of decorations, money, and empty space.

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