Bridal Shower Party: 5 Outdoor Ideas

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Planning a bridal shower is fun but choosing a theme can be one of the toughest decisions of the party. What is your bride obsessed with? Not sure where to start? Read below to learn about five outdoor bridal shower ideas.


If the bride is obsessed with the City of Love, a Paris/French-inspired bridal shower may be your best bet. Including Eiffel towers, crepes, eclairs, and macarons are all great ways to bring Paris to you. Some bridal shower decorations for this theme may include black and white stripes, quotes from French influencers, and parasols. What better way to end the evening than with French cocktails like coupes?

Tea Party

Beautiful round tables, fine china, and little sandwiches; what could be more beautiful? Decor for a tea party bridal shower should include pastel linens, boxes of tea, and matching tea sets. This type of bridal shower is for a more simple, delicate approach to the party. Some food and drinks can include:

  • Milk, cream, and honey for the tea
  • Champagne for end-of-the-night toasts
  • Deviled eggs
  • Bagels with jam, salmon, and prosciutto
  • Scones
  • Tiny cakes and sandwiches


Whether you are looking for your own green light at the end of the dock or if you just love the 1920’s, this may be the perfect bridal shower theme for you. Attire can include pearls, beaded gowns, furs, and anything glitzy. A wonderful piece of decor that doubles as refreshments is a champagne tower with classic cocktails like the Bee’s Knees. Other refreshments can include cheese platters, Oysters Rockefeller, and desserts like Creme Brulee. Some activities can include a Charleston dance-off, a murder mystery game, or the Great Gatsby film.


Mason jars, bonfires, and smores–what a beautiful outdoor time. Shabby-Chic, also known as rustic, normally uses decor like burlap flowers, simple cloth flowers, and wooden pieces. Centerpieces may include tea candles, burlap, lace, mason jars, and Baby’s Breath. Offer cocktails like Sangria along with harder drinks like Jack and Coke. Also, simple foods like meat and cheese platters, Deviled Eggs, Tomato Galette work well here, as do buffet options like a build-your-own biscuit bar. Some games include bridal shower bingo, who knows the couple best, and a ring hunt where several rings are hidden around the outdoor space–whoever finds the most wins!

Champagne Brunch

Alcohol, friends, and a beautiful outdoor location make for a classic bridal shower. You can provide plenty of sweet treats including cupcakes, donuts, marshmallows, and chocolate-covered strawberries. This is also a great theme for breakfast! Adorable mini-chicken and waffles, mini-quiches, and bite-sized pancake stacks provide some substance to an otherwise indulgent sweet table. A mimosa bar is a must for a champagne celebration. Decor normally includes a lot of florals, bottles, and alcohol-related signage. For fun, play a game of Prosecco pong.

Learn More about Bridal Shower Ideas

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