4 Ideas to Throw a Beautiful Spring Bridal Shower

by | Weddings

A spring bridal shower is a great way to celebrate any bride-to-be. They can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. However, the point is always to focus on the bride’s upcoming nuptials. She is traditionally showered with gifts, including a new set of dishes, linens, or towels. It’s also a time to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Here are some ideas for a beautiful spring bridal shower:

Springtime Food and Beverages

Serve springtime snacks like iced tea and fresh fruit in a punch bowl. Prepare an easy menu with finger foods like sandwiches, chips, dips, and desserts. Another popular choice, especially when hosting a brunch, is a waffle and juice bar. Wildflower garnishes are also popular bridal shower decor ideas for the food and beverage table.

Have fun with a donut and candy bar in colors that match your event. You can make it a DIY dessert bar that your guests will love and remember.

Pastel Floral Decor

Decorate with pastel flowers such as tulips or daffodils in pretty glass jars. Place them around the room in small groups on tables, windowsills, or banisters. Use your creativity to make the event unique and add personal touches. Candles and string lights add a beautiful ambiance to the venue as a whole. 

Baby’s breath is a delicate yet beautiful accent flower that can be used in flower arrangements. Or, tie them to wine glass stems and favors. You can even use delicate flowers as adornments throughout the rest of the shower’s decor. Make sure you incorporate lovely tablespaces into your bridal shower decoration ideas. Apply various pastel colors in the table cloths, napkins, plates, glasses, and centerpieces.

Creative Additions

You could even consider using citrus fruits as accents. Not only are they perfect for spring, but they also add a lovely scent and bright colors to the atmosphere. Balloon arches are fun and make a creative backdrop for photos. Place an elegantly decorated chair near the balloon arch for a photo-worthy spot. This is where the bride-to-be can open her gifts or sit and sip a beverage. Or, try spring birdcages! Decorate them with moss and other greenery for a garden-themed bridal shower.

Handcrafted invitations fit well with a spring bridal shower theme. Use lace and bright colors to send a welcoming message. They add a touch of softness to the event and can match any of your spring bridal shower ideas.

Fun Spring Activities

Have each guest learn how to create their own flower crown. This is not only a fun activity for a spring bridal shower but the crowns double as fabulous favors. Each guest can also take their crown home with them! 

There are so many other fun activities that you can do at a bridal shower but here are some of our favorites: 

  1. DIY gift-giving: Let your guests know to bring a handmade gift for the bride-to-be. This will be a great way to get to know your guests and have them get creative with their gifts.
  2. A scavenger hunt: Create a list of items you want your guests to find and give them clues about where they might be found in the venue. The last clue should lead them back to where they started, with their prizes in tow!
  3. A photo booth: This not only makes for great memories but is a fun way to spend the shower!

Spring is a time for renewal, and there is no better way to celebrate the new season than with a bridal shower! These events are a great way to have fun with friends and family while also getting some help planning the perfect wedding.  North Shore Event Center is an excellent place for any spring bridal shower. They can provide you with the venue and services you need to make your event unforgettable.