3 Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

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Whether it is your first anniversary or your 20th, celebrating that special day and reminiscing with the person you love is unmatched. But what is the best way to celebrate? A party! Read below to learn about three anniversary ideas to celebrate this special occasion.

Renew Your Vows

One of the most popular ways to celebrate your bonding of love is to witness it all over again. This idea is mostly for couples who have been together for 25, 30, or 50 years. Many couples say they choose to do this because it is not only incredibly special, but it can be a chance for those who could not attend your original anniversary to attend this ceremony. It is also a great choice for those who originally had a civil ceremony and want a bigger wedding.

When renewing your vows, the party does not have to be as huge. This party is only for you and your partner to remember those feelings you had on your original wedding day.

Lantern Love

Your first anniversary is such an amazing milestone. Whether you made it by inches or if it was smooth sailing, celebrating that first year is so important. The first year is the paper anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than a lantern party? A romantic, laid-back dinner or bonfire that is just you, your partner, and a few close friends and family. This is a great way to bring elements of your wedding like string lights, nature, and tents to your anniversary.

This would be a perfect party for people who had more of a boho wedding. At the end of the evening, you, and your spouse along with your guests, could light and send lanterns into the sky. This is to represent all the great wishes that you have for the next year. This is a great idea no matter what year you are celebrating.

Simple Dinner

An anniversary is normally used to reminisce on a special day between you and your partner. Having a simple dinner is a great way to celebrate intimately and to include the family and friends that were there with you along the way. Whether it is held at a fancy restaurant, your backyard, or in a field with beautiful decorations and a long table, it is the best way to include a lot of people without feeling overwhelmed. It is also a great idea to serve food that is reminiscent of that special day. 

If you had a backyard barbecue-style wedding with homegrown food like pulled pork and coleslaw, it may be a great idea to include something like that. If your wedding was more catered and had the standard fish or chicken options, then it might be a good idea to have something like that as well. The fun thing about holding a simple dinner is that it does not need much. No matter where you have it, no matter what you serve, it is all about you, your spouse, and the people you love the most.

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