How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

by | Private Events

Bridal shower planning, like anything wedding-related, can be both fun and stressful.  Who is supposed to do what when it comes to a shower?  Should the couple contribute to bridal shower ideas?  Here are the steps you should take in order to plan the perfect bridal shower, including some tips and tricks.

Make a Budget and Stick to It

The very first step in bridal shower planning is deciding on a budget for the event.  Traditionally the maid of honor hosts the shower and also pays for it.  Other bridesmaids and close relatives of the couple may also contribute to the bridal party funds.  Don’t assume that you have to have tons of money in order to throw a great bridal shower.  Focus on doing something the bride will love rather than something expensive.  The best bridal shower ideas are not always the most extravagant.  Also, the bride will receive gifts from everyone who attends the party, so don’t overwhelm yourself by assuming you have to do all the showering alone.

Set a Date

The bridal shower usually takes place anywhere from two months to two weeks before the wedding.  This means that you should start planning the event at least four to six months before the wedding, if not earlier.  Consult with the couple when choosing a date to make sure the shower does not coincide with any other pre-wedding events.  Once you have a date, time, and location, you are ready to send out invitations.  Make sure guests have plenty of time to clear their schedules for the shower.  It is traditional to invite the bridal party and close female friends and family to the shower.  Don’t invite anyone who isn’t on the guest list for the wedding to the shower.

Choose a Theme That Fits the Bride

One of the most fun parts of bridal party planning is choosing the theme.  You get to plan all the decorations, food, and games around this theme.  The invitations can hint at the theme as well, if you would like.  Not every bridal shower has a theme, but it can be nice to have something to center on while doing the planning.  As long as the party is not a surprise, you can even ask the bride for theme suggestions.  Whether or not you ask the bride directly, pick a theme that fits her personality and interests.  Once you have your theme, you can start looking for related decorations and snacks. Be creative with it and find ways to incorporate traditional bridal shower games and activities into your theme.

Find a Location

Once you know how many people you are inviting to the bridal shower, you can start deciding on a location.  Some maids of honor choose to have the party in their own homes.  Others do not have a large enough space for that.  Restaurants, private event spaces, or even theme specific locations like an art gallery, winery, or spa are all options.  Make sure that the location you choose is large enough for the entire guest list.  You also want it to be a place you can decorate as needed for the event.

Bridal Shower Venues Near Me

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