Pitching New Clients: How to Throw a Product Launch Party

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When a company releases a product, one of the first thoughts is: how do we get it into the hands of as many clients as possible? A launch party is the best way to generate hype over a product and prepare a client for the amazing product your company can provide. But how can you throw the perfect corporate party to launch your product? Read below to learn how!

Choose a memorable, relevant theme for your product launch event

Your venue, theme, and product all must play off of each other. For instance, if you are releasing a new product aimed at children, maybe have a bouncy castle in a park or serve mac and cheese instead of caviar. The information, the swag, and the hands-on time with the product should also be a representation of the product and theme. The more your actual venue and theme match the usage or look of the product, the more successful the event can be. It will be extremely difficult for a client to see the connections if your product is computer software and you are hosting a launch party in a field with tea lights and vines.

Plan engaging entertainment for your product launch event

Although the product is the focus of the event, you cannot make the event all work and no fun. Having entertainment that matches the product is a great idea! For example, hire a standup comedian that can incorporate the product or the industry in some way. If the event center has a dance floor, finish the night off with a dance. Even if the product is something simple like a new pharmaceutical, the entertainment should get people excited to learn more.

Be intentional with your product launch event’s timing

When is the right time to hold a product launch? Timing is everything, especially when releasing a new product onto the market. Launches are normally set on the day that the product drops or a couple of days before to tease it. It is important not to hold it too early. You do not want customers to lose interest between the launch party and the drop date. It is also important to know what time of year your product will thrive. If it is more useful in hot weather, it is probably not best to hold a release in December. A launch party should be used to springboard the interest and activity of the purchase of the product.

Have a plan for post-event follow-up after your product launch event

Corporate events come and go, so it is particularly important to follow up with the people who were at your event. By sending out a follow-up card, you can keep the hype active for a bit longer. These cards could include a trial offer, rebate, or complementary add-ons. The whole idea is to keep the discussion of your product active. When you are dealing with existing clients as well as new ones, keeping them happy with your company and your products is essential.

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