3 Tips on How to Throw the Perfect Corporate Event for Your Clients

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When planning a corporate event, it is so important to make sure every client has a great time. No matter the goal at the end of the evening, the number one priority is to make sure your clients leave feeling taken care of. But how can you throw the perfect corporate party? Read below for three tips to do just that!

Highlight offerings for the corporate event

When throwing an event that will cater to many kinds of clients, it is important to make sure you have something for everyone. This could mean setting up different booths for different topics that your company has a stake in or even having different sets of information on the tables. Your event does not have to be huge, but it should have a purpose and involve people that can serve that purpose.

Stay on top of communication

When planning corporate parties, the company’s point person needs to be in constant communication with the clients, as well as the vendors. Everyone from the event center to the cater should be aware of all moving parts. Odds are your company is not the only one attempting to hold corporate events at a particular time. Being on top of the communication can allow your company to get the best services. Keeping details organized is extremely important as well. Putting payments down quickly, sending RSVPs promptly, and placing orders for decor and food as soon as an event center is nailed down will help.

Define What and How You Will Measure Success

Once you have decided on the end goal of your corporate event, it is important to figure out how to reach it. Whether it is a money drive or selling products, reaching your goal is the main reason to throw an event. Here is an example of how to measure it based on event types:

Annual sales meeting

  • Goal: Educate, empower, and encourage your salesforce to knock it out of the park and increase profits in the coming quarter.
  • What to Measure: Identify sales increases and the number of instances where your team met or exceeded their goals.

 85th Anniversary Celebration

  • Goal: The goal of this corporate event would be to thank your current clients for their commitment to your business, express appreciation to your employees, and increase employee longevity and morale.
  • What to Measure: Employee engagement 90 days post-event, client attendance, and media stories on local news stations, websites, and social media pages.

At the end of it all, the person or people you are celebrating are the real stars of the corporate event. Whether it is an event to sell or just providing a “thank-you” to those who have stuck with the company, the success of an event is only measured by how appreciated or satisfied the client feels.

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