Hosting the Perfect Summer Corporate Events

by | Corporate Events

Corporate events, regardless of motive, are a reflection of your brand — every detail matters. An entertaining party will tell people if your company has the necessary organizational skills to handle yearly events.

Hosting a corporate event is a great opportunity to bond with your employees and potential new clients. Corporate events can be used to advertise a product in an informative and entertaining manner. Corporate events are more than fun social gatherings; they represent a business strategy. After all, connections and healthy relationships are the foundations of a successful business.

Event planning does not have to become another stressful task. Here are some tips for hosting a flawless corporate event:

Choose the Venue 

When choosing a venue for a corporate event is important to know your guests. Consider the age range and personality traits of potential clients. During summer, popular venues to consider are: 

Water Venue

Hot summer days call for a visit to the beach. If a beach venue is not possible, opt for a pool party with a beach theme. For adventurous-sea-people, you can rent boats to do sailing activities.

Game Day

If your guests are sports enthusiasts, consider watching an event like baseball or thoroughbred horse racing. If people are up to outdoors action, organize a softball or golf game. Healthy competitiveness brings people together. 

Garden Venues

The most basic way to host a summer corporate event is in a garden. The summer season is perfect to host outdoor gatherings. According to your guests’ preferences, you can do from a BBQ party to a wine and cheese party theme. In a beautiful garden, the theme possibilities are infinite. 

Do not Underestimate the Theme

Just because it is a corporate party, it doesn’t mean adults don’t know how to have fun. At last, adults are just kids with money. Choosing a fun theme will distinguish your corporate party from the rest, making it unforgettable for your guests.

Take your corporate event idea to the next level. Try themes like the carnival, circus, BBQ picnic, tropical, or beer tasting.


Light up the evening by planning for fun activities for your guests. Like renting a giant Jenga or a ping pong table. If you want a more relaxed evening, you can hire musicians or live performers to amuse your summer party

Mutual Partnerships

Partnering with other businesses for a corporate event is beneficial for your budget and to gain business exposure. Co-hosting with other brands will allow your business to expand networking relationships while providing fun to your guests.

Food services are a good start to look for a partnership. Street food is a good option for a summer party to have a diverse menu. You can either pick all sorts of types of food or choose a menu that matches the party theme.


To make the night more memorable, thank your guests’ presence with a small souvenir. Plus, a personalized detail with your logo on it is an opportunity to advertise your brand.

Ask for Feedback 

There is always room for improvement. Reach out to your employees to get their opinion about the event. You can make brief anonymous surveys. Include questions like: What did they like? Are there any suggestions for next year’s party? Would they make any changes?

Your employees will be happy to know that their opinion is valued beyond their work duties. Be the hostess with the mostess with North Shore Event Center. We will help you through every detail in your corporate event. Reach out to us today!