Breaking the News: 3 Ideas to Throw an Engagement Party

by | Weddings

An engagement party is a celebration of the upcoming marriage. It is usually held in the bride-to-be’s home but can also be at a restaurant or even a beautiful event venue. 

There are many reasons why an engagement party may be held. It may be to introduce the engaged couple to friends and family. Or, you might give them a chance to celebrate their engagement with those who will not attend the wedding. The party can also serve as a rehearsal dinner for those who will attend the wedding reception. Parties to celebrate the couple are a lot of fun, and it’s essential to make them memorable for your guests. 

A memorable engagement party is not just about food and drinks. It’s about the whole experience. It’s about the memories that people will have for years to come. Here are three ways to kick start your engagement party ideas:


The first idea is to have the party at home with your friends and family. Have a simple catered dinner or potluck with your loved ones, play games, and do activities together.

Another idea is to have the party outdoors in the backyard or the forest. That is if you live in an area where this is possible. Host activities like camping, hiking, fishing, etc., or something more relaxed like a picnic or barbecue.


Activities for guests and the couple, aside from location-based activities, keep the fun and conversation going. There might be toasts to the couple by their friends and family. A few popular and simple engagement party activities include:

  • A scavenger hunt with clues that lead the guests to different spots around the venue
  • Games like trivia or charades
  • Have the bride and groom write their vows and read them aloud at the party
  • Sharing memories and anecdotes about the couple
  • Presenting gifts to the couple
  • A scavenger hunt where the couple searches around town to find items on their list. Items can include a small statue, a scarf, and so on.
  • A photo booth where guests can take pictures with props such as hats or glasses
  • A trivia game where guests answer questions about the couple and then get points for each correct answer they give
  • Drawing names for games like “Guess Who?” or “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”
  • Playing games like “pinata,” where you hit a piñata filled with candy to win prizes
  • Eating finger foods in heart shapes, such as pizza, sandwiches, etc.


The best way to make an engagement party memorable is by adding surprise, uniqueness, and humor elements. You could throw a theme-based party like medieval times! This would be fun for people who love fantasy-themed things and dressing up in costumes! There are so many themes that you could choose from, such as an outdoor party, a movie night, or even an ice cream social! Incorporate the theme into the ideas for an engagement party’s decorations and the food and beverages for even more fun. 

Theme engagement parties give the couple a chance to incorporate some of their favorite things into the big day. At the same time, they can still keep the traditional or casual theme of the wedding a secret. Plenty of television shows, movies, and games have been memorable and popular themes for engagement parties.  

There are many ways for you to plan an engagement party. You could host an intimate gathering with close family and friends. Or, you could hold a large party with everyone who knows and loves you both. North Shore Event Center is a beautiful venue you can rent for various events. It offers a wide range of services and amenities to make your event memorable. You won’t regret choosing this venue for your engagement party!