Holiday Weddings: Do’s and Don’ts

Holiday Weddings: Do’s and Don’ts

If you love the holidays, a Christmas wedding might be the perfect thing for you.  A holiday wedding can be beautiful and fun. On the other hand, a lot can go wrong in an event that is out of season in the traditional sense.  Here are some dos and don’ts for holiday weddings.

Do Give Advance Notice

If you are planning a Christmas wedding, you should let your guests know in plenty of time so they can make arrangements to attend.  Many people make plans for the holidays well in advance, so be sure to send out save the date cards early.  It is also good to mentally prepare to receive more RSVPs declining your invite to a winter wedding.  Things like weather, traditions, and previous plans can all prevent guests from coming to your holiday wedding.

Don’t Go Overboard With the Holiday Theme

If you are having a winter wedding or even one on a holiday, it is natural to use decorations that celebrate the season.  At the same time, you don’t want to go overboard with the theme.  This is a Christmas wedding, not a holiday party.  Find ways to incorporate the holidays without being tacky or cheesy.  Weddings are generally sophisticated; don’t let a heavy reliance on a theme take that away.

Do Consider Cost  

It is likely that many aspects of your holiday wedding will cost more because of the season.  Flowers are more expensive in the winter, and venues and hotels may increase their prices due to the large demand around the holidays.  Having the ceremony on Christmas or another holiday may be extra expensive as employees will need overtime pay for working on a day they would normally have off.  It is good to keep budgeting in mind both for you and for your guests.  This is especially important if they will be traveling to your Christmas wedding.  Make sure there is somewhere available for guests to stay within a reasonable price range.

Don’t Freeze or Overheat Your Guests

Temperature is a delicate thing when it comes to winter weddings.  You don’t want your guests to be too cold.  Limit outdoor portions to a reasonable amount of time, and advise people to dress warmly.  Serving warm drinks and foods at a reception after an outdoor ceremony is a great way to heat people back up.  You also don’t want anyone getting overheated later in the reception.  Make sure your venue is ready to turn down the heat as people warm up and start dancing.

Do Stay Warm and Hydrated

If you are going to have an outdoor ceremony at a winter wedding, make sure everyone will be warm enough for the duration.  This means choosing dresses that are not only pretty but also weather-appropriate.  Drinking enough water throughout the day is vital for everyone in the wedding party, as the winter months are much drier than other times of year.

Don’t Assume the Venue Is Available  

Don’t start planning a Christmas wedding only to find out that the venue you want is closed to weddings during the holidays.  Look specifically for locations that have had winter weddings before and advertise as such.  Book your venue well in advance, as other events like holiday parties are likely to be looking for similar spaces to rent at that time.

Need a Venue for Your Christmas Wedding?

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