4th of July Weddings are Trending — Here’s Why!

4th of July Weddings are Trending — Here’s Why!

Make your wedding day beyond special by starting a new life chapter during a cherished American holiday: The 4th of July.

Americans have had the luck to build beautiful childhood memories from this patriotic holiday, usually celebrated with family values of honor and respect. These values, among others, also tend to be the protagonist of wedding vows. In other words, a 4th of July wedding is special because of the representation of the true meaning of both celebrations.

A 4th of July wedding is an opportunity to include a national tradition in the celebration of the commitment of love. Here is why you should consider a patriotic date for your wedding:

Color Palette

The patriotic red, blue, and white palette is a great fit for July wedding colors. This bright palette suits wedding decorations, accessories, dress code, food, and more!

There are no restrictions, don’t be afraid to play with the color palette. An option is to have the American palette as the main protagonist while adding hints of secondary colors to match it (like light pinks or beige tones). If you want a softer palette, you could use the flag colors but in pastel tones.

Whatever tone or combination you choose, this 4th of July wedding palette shows off beautifully in summer wedding pictures. 

The Flowers for a 4th of July Wedding

Implement your theme in the flower bouquets. Consider matching bouquets, made of white and red flowers tied in a blue ribbon, for the maids. Another option is to do red roses bouquets for everyone, including the bride — red is a bright color full of life, perfect for summer weddings!

Dress Code

Either navy blue or red is a great 4th of July wedding color that compliments every skin tone. The maids will look beautiful, while the lovely bride in white will stand out. 

If the bride chooses to wear a mid-length dress, adding red heels is a subtle elegant way to have fun with the wedding look.

Main Dish

For your wedding day, trade the traditional menu for a delicious Fourth of July feast. Serve a BBQ of juicy steaks and finger foods like tiny burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, cheese sticks, and corn.

4th of July Wedding Desserts

The newlyweds cutting the wedding cake is a memorable tradition. A beautiful option is to go with a red velvet naked cake, perhaps decorated with some blueberries and strawberries. This makes for a picture-perfect 4th of July wedding cake.

If you want to stick to the patriotic theme with the dessert, add a dessert bar. Include miniature pies of all flavors, macaroons (colors white, blue and red), and a s’mores station. Making s’mores from crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows will be a fun and delicious experience for your guests.


Weddings are all about the small details. Coca Cola bottles serve as a vintage decoration for your guests to enjoy. For alcoholic drinks, you can offer quirky cocktails like blue or red margaritas or the classic beer bottles. 

Holiday Weekend 

Let’s face it, there is no better way to celebrate than a precious holiday than with a summer wedding. One of the main perks of having a 4th July wedding is the date. The national holiday offers free business days. Full guest availability! 

The Light Show

Dare to dream about the most romantic sparkling view to finish your wedding tale. Neither the Fourth of July or your wedding day is complete without fireworks. The breathtaking sparkles illuminating the night sky is the perfect spectacle for the perfect wedding. 

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