Why May is Arguably the Best Month to Get Married

Why May is Arguably the Best Month to Get Married

Timing is everything, especially when planning for a wedding. Setting the date, the time leading to materialize the commitment of the love of two individuals, is the first step to start planning a wedding. As the weather starts getting warmer, the wedding season begins. May is a poetic month, is the last extent of spring, which approaches summer and suggests infinite possibilities for a new start. It is a month filled with blooming nature, the upbringing life from the harsh winter. As beautiful as May is, there are countless other reasons why this is the best month to get married.

Time also influences secondary choices like dress code, pricing, aesthetics, and more. Here is why you should consider May to book your wedding day:

Outdoor Weddings

Spring season arrives each year with bright beautiful days. Your wedding day deserves to be as endless as the stunning spring sunsets. Spring is ideal to have an outdoor wedding. A season when flowers are in bloom and the weather is neither too hot or too cold, but just perfect. This is one of the main reasons May is one of the best months to get married.

For those who prefer an indoor wedding, a spring wedding offers the possibility to have the ceremony and pictures taken outdoors, while the reception takes place inside a beautiful venue. Allowing the future newlyweds to enjoy the most of their special day.

Color Schemes

The pastel color palette is the delicate reflection of the blooming season, it is soft and romantic. May wedding colors bring that distinctive floral look to life, but in a subtle and elegant manner. Pastels are versatile enough to merge beautifully in the reception while complementing the bride’s glow. It is no surprise that pastels have become the traditional wedding color palette, they can be implemented in gowns, food, accessories, decorations and more!

Booking & Wedding Budget

In contrast to summer, the end of spring is not overbooked with weddings. May is the start of the wedding season, meaning venues and suppliers are likely to provide everything without any issue. Since May is an off-peak wedding month, venues are prone to offer a better price, making it one of the best months to get married. These same deals go for honeymoons during May: calm and affordable.

Wedding Guests

Whether you want a big or a small wedding, you want all your guests to make it to your special day. Guest’s availability is essential to every wedding. May is the perfect month to tie the knot because the wedding season is just getting started. In other words, there are no significant events to cloud the wedding (like holidays, sports events, or another wedding).

Guests tend to be more excited for spring weddings. It is simple, the winter is over and everyone is looking ahead to spending time outdoors. Finances tend to be stable in this season, so gifts or outfit budgets are less of an issue.

The Flowers

There are endless wedding ideas for spring involving flowers. In this season, every kind of flower is blooming, so future newlyweds get to choose their favorites without compromising their budget. 

Blooming flowers will create a beautiful visual atmosphere while spreading a soft scent to the venue, making May one of the best months to get married. If you want to pursue a floral theme, you can opt for flower gowns for the maids, flower headpieces, cake decorations, centerpieces, arches, bouquets, flower girls, and more!

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