5 Great Outdoor Party Ideas for Your Next Big Bash

5 Great Outdoor Party Ideas for Your Next Big Bash

Spring has settled with the groundbreaking vivid colors of nature. The season suggests brighter and warmer days ahead. Perfect to give our spirit into nature, to enjoy the outdoors with our loved ones.

What a better way to reconnect with your dearests than with a sweet spring soirée? 

Your big bash can turn into a celebration of togetherness, a night to remember. Planning doesn’t need to be stressful. All you need is a budget and plan that fits your expectations. Before you know it, you will be enjoying the last hours of daylight with music, sparkling drinks, comfort food, and great company. Make the best of your bash with the next outdoor party ideas:

Party Theme

Regardless of the occasion, choosing a party theme will facilitate your bash planning process. You can decide on decorations, food, and drinks according to your party theme. A theme will upgrade the aesthetics of your party. Some ideas for outdoor party themes are:

  • Wine Tasting Party. The theme features different types of wine and appetizers like cheese and bread. It is recommended to choose a variety of light and dark wines. You can introduce your guests with the proper art of Swirl, Sniff, and Sip. We suggest avoiding mixing beverages to continue enjoying a fun sober night.
  • Secret Garden Party. A theme focused on nature. You can purchase blooming seasonal flowers to decorate and aromatize the garden. Include centerpieces made up of branches and more flowers. Create a relaxing area with rugs, cushions, and blankets placed on the grass.
  • Every day is a Holiday Party. Nowadays, there are commemorative days for everything, like cupcake day or chocolate day. These cute festivities can serve as the perfect theme to throw a big bash.

A S’mores Station is a Great Outdoor Party Idea

Is the middle of spring, nobody wants to be melting near a bonfire. On the other hand, who doesn’t love s’mores? S’mores are the perfect treat to serve as dessert and are a great outdoor party idea. Luckily, you can easily build an s’mores station. All you need is chafing-dish heaters and a wooden box.

DIY Photo Booth 

A photo booth cabin is an affordable — and yet creative — way to capture those beautiful moments of life. This is a very popular outdoor party idea. Plus, you can include props for your guests to have extra fun with this activity. 

To build a photo booth, keep it simple. Do it by adding some crafty decorations to a wall like fabric, string lights, ribbons, or banners. Another DIY photo booth idea is to use a projector to display colorful images on a white background.

Beverage Bar

As the weather keeps getting warmer, having refreshing beverages to match your party is vital.

Set up a beverage bar with homemade delicious cold drinks like infused water, fruity sorbets, or summer cocktails. For extra hot days, use frozen treats — like berries, wine ice cubes — to maintain beverages cold. 

Bonus hack: Protect your drink from bugs by covering it with a paper cupcake liner.

Outdoor Party Games

Don’t trick yourself! Adults enjoy outdoor party games just as much as kids do. A dose of organized fun will boost the spirit of any spring bash. Some games to try are:

  • Giant Jenga. Go big or go home! Bring out your competitive side with a giant version of this popular game.
  • Indian Poker. A card game, in which players hold an unknown card on their forehead until they guess it.
  • Sparklers. Perfect to end the night with an extra glow in your party.

Make your outdoor spring party beyond special with the help of North Shore Event Center and our outdoor party ideas. We want you to host a night to remember. Contact us today!