Hosting the Perfect Bridal Shower at North Shore Event Center

Hosting the Perfect Bridal Shower at North Shore Event Center

First comes love, then comes marriage, right?  Wrong! First comes love, then comes the engagement, and then comes the bridal shower.  This party celebrates the impending wedding while showering the bride with gifts for her new role as a wife.  Traditionally, the role of host for the bridal shower falls to the maid of honor, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  The bridal party as a whole may throw a joint shower or one side of the family may throw a shower just for relatives.

If you live in the North Shore area and plan to host a bridal shower soon, please consider the North Shore Event Center.  Our freshly renovated facility makes the perfect spot for a bridal shower, whether it is for friends, family, or both. If you are looking for bridal shower ideas, here are a few great shower scenarios that would work well at the North Shore:

Bridal Shower Ideas

The Traditional Bridal Shower

There’s nothing wrong with an old school shower that has stood the test of time.  Invite female friends and relatives to celebrate the bride. Serve a light lunch with a special dessert.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a shower with bridal shower games! Classic games such as Bridal Bingo give the guests something to do while the lucky lady opens her gifts.  In this game, each square of the Bingo card is filled with a standard shower gift, such as a picture frame or wine glasses. Make your own Bingo cards or buy a set online.   The Nearly-Wed Game quizzes the future bride about her groom to reveal how much she really knows about her future husband! If you are a truly ambitious host, split the guests into teams for Paper Bride, in which each team designs a wedding dress out of toilet paper.

The Themed Shower

For a little twist on the traditional bridal shower, choose a theme.  One fun idea is a cookbook shower. For this shower, include instructions on the invitation for each guest to bring their favorite recipe to the shower.  If you like (and depending on the number of guests), each guest can bring the actual dish to share. The host can then compile all the recipes into a cookbook for the bride as a useful memento of the shower.  You could do the same thing with favorite cocktail recipes. Other themed ideas include tasting showers (think wine, olive oil, or cheese), a lingerie shower (but consider your guest list!), or any interest that is special to the bride and works well in a big group.

Jack-and-Jill Bridal Shower (a.k.a. Co-ed Shower)

A his-and-hers themed shower focuses more on the couple than just the bride.  This type of shower works especially well if the couple has a laid-back, nontraditional style.  Consider inviting friends of the couple for a relaxed, pre-wedding celebration. Jack-and-Jill showers tend to shy away from traditional bridal shower games and lean more toward an “eat, drink, and be merry” mentality.  

If you are hosting a bridal shower on the North Shore, we hope you will consider the North Shore Event Center as your shower location.  Our newly renovated facility is the ideal spot for any type of celebration. Our experienced staff would love to work with you to make the shower a special day for the bride and a low-stress day for the host.  Call us today.