Planning the Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

Planning the Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

Having a wedding during the winter has many perks. Some of these perks include beautiful snowy scenery and a fairy-tale sort of charm. All the same, choosing to have a wedding during the winter can cause the need for a lot more consideration. As pretty as it is, the cold weather can prove to host some challenges. Planning ahead for your winter wonderland wedding is the best you can do to combat these challenges. These winter wedding ideas can save you the hassle of experiencing unexpected difficulties on your special day. 

Dress for the Weather 

One of the biggest challenges of a winter wonderland wedding is the cold weather. Nobody wants to shiver through their vows! For the bride and bridesmaids, consider accessorizing warmly. A long-sleeved wedding dress can be a great help against the warm, but so can a warm cape, faux fur wrap, or shawl. Thermal leggings are also a great help that adds a bit of hidden warmth to the bride’s outfit. Finally, the bride should be sure to moisturize her face and lips. The cold weather can add a lovely rosy tint to a bride’s cheeks, but no bride wants to be caught with chapped lips! 

For the groom and groomsmen, consider velvet when seeking out suits. Velvet is a current, trendy look for winter weddings and can really give the groom and his groomsmen some warmth. Not only will velvet look good, but it’ll also keep the groom from stuttering through his vows! 

Consider Travelling Time 

Getting to your own wedding late sounds like a nightmare. With the winter weather and unexpected road conditions, it is very important to leave early for your wedding. Including a small memo about leaving early due to potential bad weather is a great idea for wedding invitations as well. Watching the weather, whether online or through the daily news, is always a great way of knowing what to expect for your wedding. Nonetheless, always expect the unexpected! 

Cater to Your Guests 

Your guests are sure to be feeling chilly after your dazzling outdoor wedding. Consider serving hot drinks indoors to get them warmed up and ready for the reception. A coat check is also a great idea, as your guests will not have to worry about finding a place for their overcoats. 

Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations

Having a winter wonderland wedding means that you are looking at a whole different array of decorations. Warm colors, such as burgundy, black, gold, and dark greens are wonderful colors for any winter wedding. Your venue may have wintery decorations on-hand as well, so it’s definitely a good idea to ask. Even your cake should have a wintery theme to it! Winter-themed cake toppers are very trendy and sweet. 

Winter Wedding Photography

It is very important to remember that things get darker much earlier in the winter months. Make sure that your photos are taken while there is still bright light, or else ensure that your photographer can edit pictures to make them appear lighter. Don’t forget that things can get cold during the wait between photos. Consider purchasing hand warmers for those in your photographs to show that you appreciate them being there. 

All in One One of the best tips that can be offered is having your wedding and reception at the same venue. Not only will this save wedding-goers the cold drive to a different venue, but it will save the bride and groom a lot of hassle. Traveling in a gown isn’t easy, but simply moving from your outside wedding indoors to your reception certainly is. North Shore Event Center is capable of hosting 200 plus guests and both a wedding and reception. With us, not only will you get the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams, but a gorgeous reception!