Five Fabulous Party Ideas to Ring In Your New Year

Five Fabulous Party Ideas to Ring In Your New Year

For many of us, New Year’s Eve is a big celebration. We’ve made it through another year and made many achievements. Due to the importance of celebrating the New Year, parties held on New Year’s Eve are a big deal. Do you want to add a unique twist to your party that will shock guests? Stumped on ideas in general? Here are five New Year’s party ideas to help out!  

Bring the Roaring 20s to Your New Year

Head back to the prohibition with a 1920s themed New Year party. Take this theme and design your party around it. Try serving prohibition-era drinks and design with an art-deco theme. Your guests will have a ball dressing up like flappers and wise-guys. To really make it feel like a flash to the past, pull up a playlist of old-time tunes and jam out! 


To cut a little more work out of your schedule and add some diversity, make the event into a BYOA (bring your own appetizer). Send out a message before the New Year asking your guests to come up with some appetizers to bring along. If you have guests who aren’t a fan of cooking, make sure to remind them that they can easily find a vegetable plate or meat tray to bring along from most grocery stores. 

Photo Booth 

Your guests will want to remember this New Year party, so why not provide them a photo booth to make their memories snazzier? Hang a backdrop (or a solid colored blanket) against a wall and add some decorations. Photo props are a must and are available at most stores, but why not DIY them? In fact, why not set up a station for guests to craft their own? 

To add extra pizazz to your photo booth, consider using a polaroid camera. If you or a friend has a polaroid camera on hand, it will add a special extra bit of “cool” to your photo booth. Guests will be able to bring an extra little keepsake home that they’ll never forget. 

New Year’s Resolutions 

Many people head into the New Year with a resolution in mind. Set up a small station for people to write down their New Year’s resolutions to share after the clock hits midnight! This will give your guests who don’t have a resolution the chance to think of their own, or even get an idea of one from another guest. 

If you have a smaller group of guests, make it into a game! Put all of the resolutions into a box and pull them out, one-by-one. Try guessing who among your friends has made each resolution to see how well you know them. You may be surprised to find out who wrote each resolution!

Don’t Forget Sparklers 

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when you’re pulling out the sparklers! These little party props may not seem like a big thing to add to a New Year party, but the guests will absolutely love them. Not only do they literally add a “spark” to photographs, but they’re just plain old fun. If you have a safe space to light your sparklers, you will not regret purchasing them. 

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