Fun Holiday Party Ideas for Your Business’s Big Bash

Fun Holiday Party Ideas for Your Business’s Big Bash

Every business needs to let loose and have some fun at some point in the year. After working so hard, your employees may want the chance to have fun with their co-workers and enjoy a fun party. While there are a variety of holidays to host an office holiday party for, you may still feel stumped on ideas. For unique corporate holiday party ideas, look no further! 

Vote on a Holiday Party Theme 

One way to bring the entire business together is to hold an office-wide vote for the theme of your party. You can either come up with a group of plausible themes for everyone to vote on or take the time to let everyone in the office come up with possible ideas. Possible themes could relate to movies, eras, or holiday slogans like “Blue Christmas.” 

Once the theme has been selected, it is time for the office to get to work making it come alive. Not only can the menu relate to the theme, but so can the outfits that are worn. Come up with games that relate to the theme. For example, bring beach games for a “Christmas in July” party. 

Potluck Party 

Every business has an employee with food skills. Why not let everyone have a go at cooking with a potluck for your holiday party? Place a sign-up sheet in your business to arrange your menu. To avoid more desserts than dinner, try leaving a certain amount of spaces under each part of the meal (ex: four spaces under the main course and five under dessert). 

Karaoke Time

For a fun, silly time at your office holiday party, consider investing in renting a karaoke machine. There are even websites that will let you sing karaoke from a laptop or computer! This will give everyone in your business the chance to laugh and have fun. You may be shocked by the singing skills among your employees! 

Murder Mystery 

Looking for a fun party that will incorporate team-building? If you’re a fan of The Office, you may remember the episode revolving around a murder mystery. Hosting a murder mystery party is one of the most unique corporate holiday party ideas. 

For one, you can have fun deciding the theme of the murder mystery. Will it be a murder mystery set in the Titanic? Or perhaps an old-time, western murder mystery! With this theme, you will give your employees a fun opportunity to dress up and get into character. Not only that, but you can design your meal and drink menu around the era the mystery is set in. 

Designing the mystery itself is something that a small group of employees or even corporate uppers can work on together. You can even choose to give each individual employee a special skill based on their personality. For instance, a free clue goes to an employee with a coffee-addiction because of their extra energy. Another example would be giving the gym-buff of the office an extra life due to their physical prowess! 

Holiday Party Gift Exchange

One of the best ways to allow your business employees to get to know each other is by hosting a gift exchange. Not only will your employees feel good about making another employee’s night with a gift, but they will learn more about what that employee enjoys. Place all of the employees’ names in a bowl and allow them to select their gift receiver at random. 

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