Annual Friendsgiving Parties: Starting New Traditions With Old Friends

Annual Friendsgiving Parties: Starting New Traditions With Old Friends

Are you looking for a fun, new twist to your holidays that heavily incorporates your friends? Friendsgiving is a holiday specifically crafted for you and your friends. This holiday includes lots of laughs, plenty of food, and a cornucopia of new memories. 

What Is a Friendsgiving? 

Friendsgiving is exactly what it looks like: a Thanksgiving among friends. The idea of this special holiday is to spend time with old friends and new while enjoying a Thanksgiving-type celebration. Nobody is sure where the term originated from, exactly, but the use of “Friendsgiving” was first found in 2007 on Twitter. 

As adults, we often grow apart from our friends because they have moved away or are busy with their own lives. The purpose of Friendsgiving is to bring friendships back together for an enjoyable evening of old and new memories. Friendsgiving is also a great option for those who may not have a family to celebrate Thanksgiving with. In fact, some people skip Thanksgiving entirely and celebrate Friendsgiving instead. Others may celebrate Friendsgiving a few days prior or after Thanksgiving. 

What Do You Bring to Friendsgiving? 

Friendsgiving is meant to be taken as a potluck, therefore, people are expected to bring their own dishes. In the unwritten rules of Friendsgiving, the host is usually the one who is expected to make the turkey. Even so, the guests are responsible for the other parts of the average Thanksgiving meal, such as cranberries or mashed potatoes. 

The first thing to be addressed for your Friendsgiving meal is any potential food allergies among guests. Once you know what you can and can’t include in your recipes, you may find that you’re stumped on what cooking creation to bring with you. You can never go wrong with desserts, like pies. Nobody has ever said “no” to the idea of a pie bar! Not exactly the cooking type? There are simple, simple meals out there like green bean casserole that take little effort, but taste delicious! If you still are having trouble deciding what to bring, try asking your host what is missing from their menu. 

Hosting Ideas 

Reminiscing and eating isn’t the only fun part about Friendsgiving. Spice up your Friendsgiving celebration with fun board games that include the whole room. You can find multiple group card games or board games online or locally.

If your friend group has a sweet tooth, why not set up a cookie-decorating station? Get competitive and find out who, out of your friend group, is the most artistically talented. Everyone participating will get the reward of their own creation to munch on afterward. 

Taking time to go around the dinner table and say what you are most thankful for is another great idea for Friendsgiving. This is a great idea for friend groups who haven’t seen each other for a long time. For some friends, it might be hard to reconnect, so reminiscing on memories that you are all thankful for can open a great conversation.  

If you think you can predict your friends enough to make a game, try making your guests a Friendsgiving bingo board. Place a piece on your board if Keith takes a nap after dinner. Did Carol make a turkey pun again? Place a piece! 

The Perfect Location for Friendsgiving Festivities

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