Three Team Building Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

Three Team Building Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

What’s better than team building activities at a corporate event? From the heart-pounding escape room heist to the delicious iron chef cooking challenge, team building activities are educational as well as enjoyable. The attendees will benefit from developing problem-solving skills and icebreaker opportunities which lead to better communication among each other.

Furthermore, these factors greatly help increase productivity in the workplace. Nevertheless, the phrase ‘team building activities’ often makes team members cringe and scramble in search of the nearest exit. If your team members are reluctant in participating, here are three creative and engaging team building activities we are sure will elicit enthusiasm than embarrassment. After all, greater results are achieved by a team that works together.

Scavenger Hunt

This activity will probably consume less than one hour and can be played by a couple of small groups. Grab a paper and pen and make a list of goofy tasks for each team to complete. The tasks can be anything like taking a picture of a building or object or taking a selfie with a stranger.

Give the list of tasks to the groups with a deadline they must be completed. You can come up with a point system based on the difficulty level of each task. Finally, the team that completes the most number of tasks within the shortest time wins the game!

The scavenger hunt is a great team-building activity. It helps break the office cliques encouraging attendees to work together regardless of their department or seniority level.

The Egg Drop is a Unique Team Building Activity

This is a fun game we enjoy a lot. Divide your team into small groups of 3-5 people. Provide each team with an uncooked egg and a pile of office supplies such as newspapers, rubber bands, straws, tape, pencils, and plastic utensils. Give the groups 15-30 minutes to build a contraption around the egg that will prevent the egg from breaking when dropped.

Once the time is up, climb to the second or third floor of the building. Now drop each team’s egg contraption down and see which eggs survive the fall. Though a bit messy, the egg drop game is a classic example of team building activities. This activity calls for teamwork. So, the more people the better. As a reminder, keep a few extra eggs with you in case of some break during the construction process.

Blind Drawing

Divide your entire team into small groups with 2-4 people. Now, have two individuals of the group sit back-to-back. Give a paper and pen to one person, and a picture to the other. The person with the picture has to describe the picture without actually saying what the picture is about.

For instance, if the picture is of a bee near a flower, the person with the picture has to describe the image without saying ‘Draw a flower with a bee near it’. The person with the pen and paper has to then draw whatever he/she thinks the picture depicts.

Set within a time limit of 10-15 minutes, blind drawing focuses on communication and interpretation. At the end of the activity, it is always fun to see how the person with the pen and paper interprets their partner’s instructions.

A Few Things To Remember When Conducting Team Building Activities

  • Divide the attendees into teams whenever possible. Make it your motto!
  • Give them mini-goals to complete
  • Don’t include anything embarrassing
  • Tie all activities back to the organization

Team building activities don’t have to be awkward every time. Think about all the positive things your team can accomplish through the activities and try including into the corporate event’s schedule. In search of a scenic venue to hold your next corporate event?  Located near the gorgeous shores of Lake Michigan, our event center features all things considered necessary for a perfect corporate event setting. Reach out to us and schedule a visit at the earliest.