Why Corporate Events Are More than Just a Seminar

Why Corporate Events Are More than Just a Seminar

A corporate event is sometimes a party, sometimes a celebration, and even a time to set goals or recharge our batteries. A seminar is generally a single session or one-day meeting devoted to a specialized topic, usually at an advanced or professional level. Corporate events are not like this, and here’s how.

Teaching versus Celebrating

Seminars are teaching your employees something. Corporate events are celebrating something. You’ve achieved your sales goal, you’ve made it so many days without a safety concern, maybe your team has finished a project on time and under budget. These things should be celebrated- and you’ve got to have a fun place to accomplish this task of celebration. It should be away from the office and it should look nothing like the place you come to work every day.

Building Memories at a Corporate Event

At seminars you want people to remember the content. When corporate event planning, you want people to remember the great time they had. These are rewards for jobs well done, projects completed, and for making happy customers. Additionally, you need to take them to a place that is memorable and fun- sometimes casual, sometimes a dressy place with sparkle. 

Seminars serve to educate your employees. At a corporate event, you are entertaining your company. These people are your guests- and they should be treated like that. They should not have to worry about anything- they have been doing the worrying. They’ve worked hard on a project, raised money for a cause, or they reached their quarterly goals. Now you want the bathrooms close, the bar open, good food and plenty of laughter.  Seminars are definitely more structured, and while attendees should definitely enjoy the day, they don’t share the same lightheartedness as a celebratory corporate event.

Food Made for Happiness

At seminars, you eat to live.  The food probably tastes just fine, but boxed lunches don’t encourage the camaraderie and joy a corporate event can. Good food brings people together and fosters conversation. Any event center you work with should be able to customize a great menu no matter the occasion.

At an event, there is dinner! The food is celebratory; it is something to talk about. There are choices and they are fun. It is at these events that you learn that Mark from accounting likes all the spicy stuff. You find yourself talking about the sweet-tangy or cajun BBQ brisket that this caterer is known for. You try the sushi, you taste the smoked capicola, and you share a cracker with blackberries, Gouda cheese and a dash of local honey. This time, you live to eat and it’s delicious!

Memories. No one really comes away with memories from a business meeting or a seminar. Unless the content has life-changing relevancy or the speaker impacted someone profoundly- we don’t remember seminars. However, at corporate events, we are making memories with our co-workers, employees or customers. 

These events are some of the best marketing we have- and people hold onto these memories. Employees want to feel valued. Making memories with their co-workers that they will laugh about for years to come is priceless. Bringing out memories can convince long-time clients that they need to stick it out with you as a company. That memory is just too valuable. 

With the right event center, you’ll have a professional staff on your team to handle details, leaving you free to enjoy the celebration with your guests.

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