Don’t Miss These Fall 2019 Wedding Trends

Don’t Miss These Fall 2019 Wedding Trends

Just like that, we are into the second half of 2019 and the wedding trends of what has been happening at weddings and wedding planning have been cast!  There is so much to talk about- as change is in the air for wedding and wedding venues. Everyone wants a wedding that is memorable for the guests- but it should also reflect the couple. How are people choosing to convey that in their wedding planning? Let us break it down for you.

Colors of 2019

The most popular colors are rust, gray-blue, evergreen, gold, rich browns and deep reds. 

This year seems to be filled up with beautiful earthy tones. These are seen in bridesmaid dresses, table runners, napkins, chair covers, even the groomsmen’s clothing is getting in on the action. Do not be afraid of color!

Wedding Venues That Are an Adventure for Your Guests

Weddings have become all-day events. Some say it’s the photographers that want the wedding party to visit seven different places to capture that ‘just right’ moment, but during all of this the guests are seated in a beautiful space and excited to see the new Mr. and Mrs. walk in. Weddings that encompass more than just dinner, dancing, and cake are also gaining popularity. Your guests will never forget the character artist that drew pictures of their spiffy, dressed up selves or maybe you hire professional dancers to bring glamour and fun to your dance floor. You’re probably wondering, “Is there a wedding venue near me where I can fit all my guests and these fabulous entertainment options?” The answer is yes. 

Gender-neutral wedding parties.

The girls don’t just stand on the bride’s side anymore. Additionally, the groom’s party isn’t about the closest five friends that are like brothers to him. His sister has a place in the ranks also. Have friends of every kind? Not a problem.  Weddings themselves are not gender-specific anymore- so how can our wedding parties be so divided? Your brother can stand on your side, and his sister is welcome on the groomsman lineup. Old friends from college? Work partners? Don’t get hung up on this tradition, 2019 has thrown it out!

Floral Over-the-Top

Fill up those spaces in your outdoor wedding venue! No more clean, stark white spaces for your floral arrangements. Greenery needs to be growing in every corner, dangling like vines in a jungle and sprouting from all surfaces.  We are over the minimal décor of the 2000s. A bride could get away with perhaps no centerpieces at all- just a wide colored ribbon down the center of the table and floating candles in a class. Bring on the floating candles- but there better be plenty of plant material surrounding those jars.  

Charcuterie Boards

Forget caterer’s waiters walking around with hor’s d’ oeuvres during cocktail hour because charcuterie boards are the new thing for the 2019 wedding season! The do-it-yourself transition to an appetizer buffet is a great way to create a setting that will get your guests chatting it up about cured meats, honey, and cheese from around the world. 

 It all starts with the perfect venue- the perfect place for all your ideas to come together for an unforgettable reception!  Come envision your perfect wedding at NorthShore Event Center.