Reasons to Host an Outdoor Wedding This Summer

Reasons to Host an Outdoor Wedding This Summer

Creating a Sensational Wedding Day

Getting ready for a wedding can be a wonderful and stressful time. Picking colors for the bridesmaid dresses, deciding who to invite (or not to invite!), which guests should not be sat next to each other, what day it should be, and a host of other decisions need to be made. In addition to that, what type of reception or wedding venue will you have? Indoor wedding venues? Outdoor wedding venues? What food will be served? How will the reception halls or banquet halls be decorated? With all of these decisions, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Though it is probably normal and natural to feel a little bit of stress as you get ready for your wedding day, too much is not a good thing. We want to take a little bit of that stress out of your day, by helping you look at outdoor wedding venues for this summer and fall. Outdoor wedding venues have a host of benefits and are becoming more and more popular (even though about 80% of receptions are still currently indoors).

Benefits of Outdoor Wedding Venues

Especially for spring, summer, and fall weddings, outdoor venues can be an excellent choice. Here are some of the main reasons brides and grooms are picking outdoor wedding venues now:

Beautiful Natural Scenery: Remember all of the headache and planning when thinking about indoor colors and decorations? Well now most of that is gone. Hosting an outdoor wedding means you get to take advantage of gorgeous natural scenery. The decorations are already there, which saves you time and money. The only things you need to add are seating, and perhaps a few decorations here and there to enhance certain areas – such as where vows will be exchanged. Additionally, the outdoor lighting creates a gorgeous natural ambiance that is difficult to replicate indoors. Having those picture perfect moments as the sun is setting and casting a golden glow over your wedding dress is something most brides dream for. Outdoor wedding venues make that easy to capture. As it gets dark, lanterns and other unique types of lighting can be set up to give a special glow for the dancing and other activities that go on throughout the night.

More Personal and Intimate Feel: Because you are working with an outdoor setting, it is easy to decorate the area exactly how you would like. Large tents can help minimize problems with mosquitoes or the chance of rain (though we have found that some of the best outdoor wedding photos happen when the bride and groom get caught in the rain!).

Plenty of Space: The outdoors is a big place. Incredibly big. Working with indoor venues it can be stressful trying to fit everything into a confined space. Hosting an outdoor wedding removes this stress by giving you large stretches of grass and land to work with. This helps setting up the reception area where guests can socialize and move around and makes it easy for everyone to relax and have fun.

More Relaxing: Not only do outdoor weddings provide an excellent place for guests to relax, they also create a more relaxing wedding for the bride and the groom. The overall atmosphere is calming and relaxing, and can even create room for more relaxed dress standards for yourself and attendees (if desired). This will make everyone more comfortable, which helps people have more fun – especially including yourself!

So whether you are looking to host an outdoor wedding because you love experiencing and living in nature or just because you are looking for a naturally beautiful and relaxed environment, let us help you host your perfect day. With outdoor venues available throughout the day, we can help you capture the perfect lighting and environment for your wedding day pictures and take the stress out of setting up decorations and seating for guests. Your wedding day is an important and special event – leave the work to us so you can relax and enjoy the moment.