How Can I Give My Wedding An Intimate Atmosphere?

How Can I Give My Wedding An Intimate Atmosphere?

Many people want to have an intimate atmosphere during their wedding because of the soft and romantic feelings that atmosphere provides. But an intimate atmosphere can seem difficult to achieve, especially when you have more than 100 guests.

The good news is, whether you can count the number of your guests on one hand or you have too many to DIY invitations for, there are many simple ways you can bring close-knit and intimate vibes to your wedding.

Personalize your decor

DIY wedding decorations aren’t just a major wedding trend right now because they save money. They’re also a big trend because they reflect who you are and the tastes of the couple.

Personalized decor adds a custom touch to your nuptials and makes a wedding venue feel more like a home than a rental space. You can add personalized touches in a variety of ways such as stirring up signature cocktails, decorating with family photos, or using your favorite books for certain aspects of decor.

Dim the lights

Dim lighting with candlelight helps to create an intimate setting no matter which venue you choose. Consider using a bright outdoor venue and complementing it with a dimly lit indoor venue so when the guests come inside the venue feels cozier.

Just be sure the way you dim the lights creates a romantic look and you’re not making it too dark. There’s a fine line between warm lighting and not being able to see. Pair warmer lighting with soft fabrics and textures to bring everything together.

Choose a cozy event venue space

It can be hard to make your wedding venue a cozy and intimate space when you’re on the top floor of a hotel. That said, consider the intimacy of the different venues before you choose one.

The North Shore Event Center offers a banquet hall and an outdoor space right by Lake Michigan so you can enjoy a stunning 7-acre private venue space surrounded by nature.

Looking for an event venue for your wedding or bridal shower?

According to the Wedding Wire’s 2018 report, the average wedding has up to 127 guests. It’s important when considering your potential wedding venues to take the number of guests into account so everyone is comfortable and has a good time.

The North Shore Event Center is an event venue that offers both indoor and outdoor areas so you can make the most out of your venue space. To learn more about our party hall and outdoor wedding venue, contact the North Shore Event Center today.