3 Corporate Event Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

3 Corporate Event Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Making up 23% of the events industry market in 2018, conferences and trade shows are the most common meeting activities in North America. But these aren’t the only kinds of corporate events we’ll be talking about today. Whether it’s an awards ceremony, an end-of-year celebration, or a conference, we’ve got tips to make your corporate event a memorable experience for all. Here are a few trends we’re watching in 2019.

Casual Yet Healthy Dining

When it comes to corporate catering services, traditional sit-down dinners may be the norm, but buffet-style and family-style meals are becoming a popular choice even in banquet halls. This casual set-up offers more opportunities for socializing, creating a friendly, fun atmosphere that beats a stuffy sit-down supper any day. Because attendees will be standing up and circulating, make sure your event venue is designed to accommodate the extra activity without instigating collisions and traffic blocks.

Corporate event attendees will also appreciate a variety of healthy food options, particularly ones that take dietary restrictions into consideration. Casual dining does not have to mean comfort food. Make sure your catering company is able to provide options for attendees with allergies and sensitivities so that no one feels left out.

Mobile Apps

Technology is revolutionizing big corporate events, especially those with lots of activities and a tight schedule. Event apps keep things organized so attendees know where they’re supposed to be and at what time. Online agendas, reminders, messaging, and maps can make all the difference when it comes to keeping an event on track and running smoothly. Apps and other mobile tools can help businesses at trade shows keep track of booth visitors and record contact info for potential leads.


Are you traveling for business or pleasure? Why not both? Corporate events are starting to embrace the lighter side of things, offering attendees more comfort and convenience than ever before. Event planners are scheduling rest and relaxation periods to allow attendees the opportunity to refresh before getting back down to business. If your event space allows it, it’s recommended to set up seating in a way that promotes comfort and socialization; for instance, set up a grouping of chairs or sofas facing toward each other rather than straight ahead.

No matter your corporate event, it’s essential to put the attendees’ needs first. That involves prioritizing health, convenience, and enjoyment. If you’re looking for banquet halls Benton Harbor Michigan companies love for their corporate events, contact North Shore Event Center today.