An Indoor or Outdoor Wedding: Which Is Right for You?

An Indoor or Outdoor Wedding: Which Is Right for You?

The days of the little white church may be becoming a thing of the past. Though traditionally, couples would hold their wedding ceremony, nowadays, wedding locations are much more diverse. Party halls, restaurants, backyards, beachy resorts– the possibilities are endless.

One type of wedding that has become increasingly popular is the outdoor wedding. Though 77% of wedding receptions still take place indoors, almost 1 in 4 occur in the great outdoors, which is pretty impressive.

Outdoor weddings can be dreamy, but they require a lot of planning, which doesn’t work for every couple. If you’re having trouble deciding whether to keep your nuptials indoors or to go out in the air, try using this guide. Here are a few benefits of each type to consider for your own wedding celebration:

Outdoor Weddings: Dreamy, But Risky

Outdoor weddings are some of the most beautiful weddings to be had. Whether you’re at a vineyard, on the beach, or in a lovely forest clearing, the scenery that comes with an outdoor wedding is hard to beat indoors. Outdoor lighting provides lovely photo opportunities, and can even create a feeling of connection to nature. As a bonus, outdoor weddings can be cheaper to design and decorate, since the scenery is already beautiful and requires little embellishment.

Weddings that take place outside, however, can be a bit of a gamble. Predicting the weather a week in advance is tricky, let alone six months out. Bugs, wind, and muddy shoes might be unavoidable. Booking can also be difficult, since outdoor wedding venues can only be used in the warm season, which increases scheduling competition.

Indoor Weddings: Safer, But Smaller

Indoor wedding venues won’t ever disappoint in terms of warmth and dryness. Banquet halls and party halls also grant your reception a unique sense of intimacy and can be easier to plan. Many couples also love the chance to customize an indoor space. With party halls, every aspect of the lighting, table settings, and decor can be adjusted to precisely meet your unique tastes, an opportunity that’s not always available outdoors.

Indoor weddings, however, can come with their own restraints. Indoor spaces tend to be a bit smaller, which ultimately restricts your guest list depending on which party hall you choose. Additionally, some find that indoor weddings are a bit less family-friendly, since kids will have less room to run and play during the festivities.

The Takeaway:

Ultimately, the best wedding venue for your union is a matter of personal preference. If you’re hoping for a large, family-friendly celebration, an outdoor wedding might be perfect. If you’d like greater control over the atmosphere, and indoor ceremony could be a better choice. Use this guide to choose the cozy indoor venue or the free-spirited outdoor venue of your wedding-day dreams!