4 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Bridal Shower

4 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Bridal Shower

It’s no secret that virtually every part of the wedding planning process is stressful. The average engagement time from proposal to vows is about a year and a half, and in that time, chaos reigns. From popping the question to cutting the cake, brides, grooms, and everyone in between has tons of work to do and decisions to make.


That’s why, quite often, the bride doesn’t plan her own bridal shower. Bridesmaids, sisters and mothers tend to put together this pre-wedding celebration to help the bride get excited for her big day, and to help her stock up on household essentials.


If you’re in charge of the bridal shower, help the lucky lady feel special and stress-free during the party. With these helpful, stress-reducing tips, both you and the bride-to-be will feel chill and excited for the wedding to come.


1. Communicate With The Bride

Frankly, surprise bridal showers are a bad idea. The bride likely has a million things on her to-do list, and is jealously guarding her rest whenever she can. If you surprise her after work with 20 guests and a pile of presents, she might just turn around and leave. Instead of trying to surprise the bride, make the event more special by asking what she wants the shower to be like, and how involved she’d like to be. Ask her for hints about the guest list, and have her pick a date that works well with her schedule. You can handle the little details, but give her control over the important stuff for less stress and more fun.


2. Choose an Easy, Loose Theme

Bridal showers seem more put-together with a theme, and selecting a theme can make shopping for plates, decorations, and snacks surprisingly easy. However, don’t attempt an obscure, complicated theme. A tropical getaway or an all-purple party will be less stressful to pull off than a Game of Thrones or Great Gatsby-themed event.


3. Keep Snacks Simple

Simple, easy snacks tend to satisfy just as well as gourmet finger foods. Choose one or two dishes you know the bride will love, then fill out the food table with simple trays of cheese, fruit, and veggies. You can even have part of the event catered to minimize food prep work.


4. Book An Awesome Venue

Finally, choosing a fun and exciting bridal shower venue is a great way to elevate your party without increasing the stress of planning it. Some banquet halls or party room rentals even offer decorations and linen options, so all you have to do is bring the food and the party!


Bridal showers should be a special time to celebrate the bride, not a stressful time of frantic planning and entertaining. Use this guide to set up a simple, tasteful, stress-free party. With these easy tips, your loved one will remember her bridal shower as one of the best days of her life!