Unique Bridal Shower Ideas for Unique Brides

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas for Unique Brides

Bridal showers give the bride’s friends and family the opportunity to celebrate her exciting engagement, and to talk about all the good things to come once she’s finally tied the knot. However, since the bride has likely been doing the heavy lifting of the wedding planning, the bridal shower is most often handled by her closest friends and family. But how do you make a bridal shower truly special?

If you’re planning a bridal shower, consider the following unique ideas to take a bridal shower to the next level:

Choose an Awesome Location

Though having the bridal shower at the bride’s home can save money, it also adds stress to the bride, who likely will end up helping with preparations and cleaning. Take the cleanup struggle off of her shoulders (and yours!) by considering party room rentals. Party room rentals at wineries, restaurants, and other establishments make great bridal shower venues because often, the decor, sound system, and other amenities come included. All you have to worry about is the gifts, the games, and the guests to make the bridal shower special!

Pick a Creative Theme

Selecting a theme helps tie a party’s decorations together, and can get guests excited for the day. For example, consider decorations inspired by the bride’s honeymoon destination– if she’s heading to Italy, why not have a pasta and wine party? Or, choose a romantic, vintage theme with black and white photos, pink roses, and glittering fairy lights. Choose a theme that reflects the bride’s personality for the most memorable party yet!

Try A Planned Activity

Bridal shower games are old fashioned, and as some would say, downright awkward. Consider having a party with a more enjoyable activity. A bridal shower could double as a wine tasting, a tea party, a cooking class, or a charity event. You could even throw a stock-the-bar party for a bride, where guests bring their favorite drink recipes and spirits. Just remember to supply two to three glasses per guest at the cocktail party, so no one runs out of fun. When it comes to fun activities, the possibilities are endless!

Just as no two brides are exactly alike, no two bridal showers should be exactly alike. When planning a bridal shower, don’t stick to boring finger foods and embarrassing games in the living room. Explore interesting event venues, themes, and activities to make the blushing bride feel truly special.